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Introducing Insights as a Service.

What does Insights as a Service mean? It’s when you have a tool powerful, flexible and efficient enough to move you beyond traditional BI and get to insights faster than anyone else.

How do we do it? Like this.

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Analytical Designer

This is our new visual canvas for data discovery. With an easy to use drag and drop format, it exposes users to new perspectives of their data through interactive recommendations.


Data Explorer

The Data Explorer provides unprecedented flexibility. This new interface allows users to add newly approved data without the need for IT support, as they seek their next insight.


Insights Engine

This engine understands the context of your problem and generates the most likely path to the next insight. It’s based on collective learning from millions of GoodData community interactions.

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Visualize massive results

GoodData interactive dashboards promote visual data discovery, exploration, and collaboration by everyone on your team, so they capitalize on critical business insights right away.

GoodData helps you design a great looking experience from any data, and the responsive mobile friendly user interface means it is optimized across modern devices and platforms.

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Guided analytics show you where to look next

Take your analytics to the next level by tapping into our Insights Network™. GoodData provides best practice suggestions that go beyond business intelligence to improve the experience of producing insights from start to finish.

  • Collective learning from millions of interactions on GoodData's cloud platform
  • Predictive statistical functions provide advanced insights with accurate trends and forecasts
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Fully-managed, cloud based architecture

GoodData provides tons of connectors and agile cloud services for data integration, warehousing, management, and automation so you’re up and running in weeks, not months. And because we’re built on the best technologies, GoodData is the most trusted name in BI.

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“GoodData was able to handle literally every problem we threw its way. There’s nothing else like it in the market.”

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See how companies use GoodData to break down the barriers of traditional business intelligence and improve data driven productivity with analytics.

Guided Data Discovery

Our guided analytics experience is derived from the expertise and best practices of thousands of companies for more advanced insights faster than ever.

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