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TDWI: Demystifying Cloud BI: Six Issues to Consider

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TDWI: Demystifying Cloud BI: Six Issues to Consider


Cloud BI has been positioned as the next evolution in business intelligence because of the advantages the cloud provides in terms of flexibility and elasticity. In a recent 2014 TDWI survey, a majority of respondents were either already using the cloud or were considering it for BI and analytics. But organizations still cite security and privacy as two major obstacles to cloud adoption,

This Checklist Report focuses on helping organizations demystify several cloud BI issues. It examines the models emerging as companies adopt the cloud. We also examine some of the real and perceived issues regarding cloud adoption, including security, governance, data management, and how the cloud impacts BI deployments, in order to help readers better understand these concerns.

Download the TDWI report today to learn:

  • The various options for moving BI to the cloud
  • How to tackle data integration
  • Best practices for security, the number one challenge for moving to cloud BI

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