Planning New Data Monetization Business Models

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Organizations have always had to wrangle huge volumes of data, but the new challenge is to figure out how to take advantage of all this data to create new revenue streams. This can be a huge task, especially if you lack the available staff or expertise needed for such an endeavor. However with the right planning and processes it can be done, and done quite well.

Watch this session presented by CBIG Consulting and GoodData to find out how you can harness the value of your data to pump up the bottom line. Topics discussed include:

  • How to perform a market opportunity analysis to drive out monetization concepts and determine if there is a market, what the barriers to entry are and what will others pay for the information.
  • How to perform a proof of value exercise focused on the business objective outcome using value identification to prioritize monetization initiatives.
  • The steps to take when getting ready to stand-up a new monetization business model – assessing your organization’s readiness, gaining a clear picture of the financial investment required, and developing a comprehensive roadmap to go-live.
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