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Nucleus Research: Assessing the Benefits of GoodData

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Nucleus Research: Assessing the Benefits of GoodData


IT demands on the part of the business had always been a fact of daily life, but as volumes of data increase, and the speed at which data is required for processing, reporting, and analysis gets faster, IT struggles to meet demands. BI solutions that provide ease of use, and user self-service are becoming the basis by which buying decisions are being made. Nucleus has found that GoodData provides the ease of use and user adoption that many of these organizations are seeking, freeing up IT to focus on innovative and business impacting initiatives, driving up their own visibility and influence within their companies.

Nucleus analyzed the experiences of several GoodData customers to understand the business needs associated with analytics implementation and the operational and financial value they have gained.

Download the Nucleus Research report to learn how GoodData customers experience:

  • Increased user productivity: Elimination of hundreds of redundant reports, eliminating the 2-3 week lag time for requests, and higher adoption and trust in the self-service model.
  • Increased IT productivity: Reduced IT time dedicated to user requests by 60%
  • Increased User Adoption: Improved awareness and engagement due to GoodData's ability to integrate disparate silos of information

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