Invodo Case Study


Zooming in on Video Marketing

Invodo provides rich online product content that drives more sales for retailers and brands. From video to interactive shopping experiences, Invodo’s technology-enabled services provide a complete approach to planning, creating, publishing, and optimizing content. Invodo has helped leading retailers scale their visual content across thousands of products to drive conversion.

Before partnering with GoodData, Invodo had already been offering clients basic analytics on their videos for some time. “Those analytics were built on a home-grown system,” explains Product Manager Eliot Towb. “The technology that was used was no longer being developed: changes took longer than we desired, and too many customer requests took time-intensive custom reporting, which drove up our development costs. We needed to be able to more easily and quickly meet the needs of our customers. We needed to take a big leap forward rather than continue with incremental improvements.”

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