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Interactive Workshop: Building Customer-Facing Analytics with Headless BI

Presented by

Lauri Hänninen
Product Marketing Manager
Martin Svadlenka
Product Manager



Wednesday, November 3, 2021
10:30 AM PDT



90 minutes


Building advanced customer-facing analytics products comes with several challenges. In this hands-on workshop, learn the fundamental concepts of headless BI and how you can start building your next generation of customer-facing analytics products.

Sign up to learn the following:

  • Why a semantic model ensures data consistency across all users of your data product
  • How composable metrics enable self-service analytics for your end-users, and how it can be consumed by external data products
  • The reason behind defining metrics and all analytics objects declaratively to achieve agile, continuous delivery of your data product
  • How Open APIs deliver analytics to all channels and places where your users need it

Meet the presenters

Lauri Hänninen, Product Marketing Manager

Lauri gained years of experience in the startup scene and the global digital agency world before turning to the world of analytics. Lauri believes that great people can create great products, and great products can change the world. At GoodData, Lauri leads product marketing efforts for GoodData’s new cloud-native data analytics platform, which helps companies solve the last mile of analytics by granting access to data insights at every level of an organization.

Martin Svadlenka, Product Manager

Martin has spent most of his professional career as a Product Manager, including years of experience working with customers and users from many different business domains. He considers life as one big product management experience — from the vision and roadmap to efficiently collaborating with others. At GoodData, Martin leads GoodData.CN, the cloud-native, headless analytics service. He ensures that all users — from developers to data analysts — will have a successful tool for valuable analytical projects and applications.

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