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Interactive Workshop: Building Analytics From Data Source to Customer Dashboards

Interactive Workshop: Building Analytics From Data Source to Customer Dashboards

Presented by

Anja Duricic
Product Marketing Manager
Adam Krbusek
Senior Product Manager



Wednesday, October 6, 2021
10:30 AM PDT



90 minutes


The million-dollar question of every product leader is: "How do I make my product stand out in the market and attract new customers?" Although achieving such a goal is never a straightforward process, this workshop will outline some of the necessary steps for success. Ultimately, the key lies in distributed and embedded data analytics.

Join this interactive workshop to learn about the following:

  • The power of embedded, distributed data analytics
  • How to go from zero to your first embedded insights in only an hour
  • Integration options for your embedded analytics

Meet the presenters

Anja Duricic, Product Marketing Manager

Anja Duricic started her career at GoodData as a Sales Development Representative, positioning emerging companies for success with data analytics. She more recently joined GoodData’s product management team and delivers resources that help users get to the data that they need.

Adam Krbusek, Senior Product Manager

Before joining the product management team at GoodData, Adam worked on many international projects, where he held different roles such as Solution Architect, Project Manager, and Lead Consultant. At GoodData, Adam leads GoodData Free, the fully hosted, self-service analytical platform, by building a continuous and gainful roadmap, driving the vision, and pushing for continuous improvements. Adam always strives to build products that empower people and enable companies to succeed.

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