How to Successfully Launch an Embedded Analytics Product


Flash in the Pan or Rolling Thunder? You Decide.

Failure. Flop. Fizzle. In a world where only 40% of developed products make it to market and, of those, only 60% generate ANY revenue at all—these are the product manager’s new “F” words. Do a little research on the criteria for a product launch to be deemed successful, and the F words are enough to strike terror into the heart of any software company.

The pressure for SaaS products to perform at launch is astronomical, and yet...the reward can be just as great. According to Forrester, 47% percent of North American and European enterprise software decision makers are expecting to increase their investment in SaaS products this year, while A full 64% cite increasing the use of analytics within business applications as a high (38%) or critical (26%) priority.

Interest in SaaS products with analytics capabilities is at an all-time high. In fact, Forrester identifies the cloud/SaaS and embedded analytics as two of the five technology pillars that will shape the future of business applications innovation.

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