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Business Intelligence 1.0 focused on generating reports and graphs. BI 2.0 focused on analytics (trending, predictive, comparative, etc.). As we begin the third generation of business intelligence, it’s time to reflect on whether the promise of BI has been generally achieved. For certain it has enabled analysts, data scientists, and those that support the C-Suite to have greater visibility into the past, present, and future. However these benefits have largely been limited to the “analytically elite,” and while the benefits have been material to them, only a very small subset of users have been able to leverage them in their workflows.

The time has come for businesses and industries across the globe to embrace the democratization of analytics and empower a much larger population of “mortal” business users, - the store manager, the procurement manager, the line manager, and so many more where commerce and business occurs. This is Business Intelligence 3.0.

This vision extends far beyond using analytics to reduce operational costs inside the organization. No business exists in isolation - each strives as a part of a larger B2B network of customers, partners and shared stakeholders. Each member of this business network should be able to leverage insightful analytics to drive greater revenue, profits, efficiency, quality, agility, and more.

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