Forrester Report: The Digital Insurance Imperative


Digital technologies will change the insurance industry irrevocably over the coming decade. New entrants will disrupt the value chain. Vertically integrated firms will be too slow to adapt. Firms that fail to change will find their very existence under threat. Digital insurance strategy leaders must reinvent their companies to become fundamentally digital, from underwriting through to claims settlement. Insurers will differentiate based on core competencies around rapid product development, intense personalization, the ability to drive volume through distribution, and back-office operational efficiency.

Read this report to learn:

  • How digital disruption threatens to reduce many insurance companies to low-margin utilities, with limited engagement with or relevance to customers.
  • Why the vertical integration that served insurers so well in the past has become an obstacle to the rapid change unleashed by digitally empowered customers.
  • Why your digital insurance strategy should focus on customer outcomes, positioning your company in your customers’ ecosystems and sourcing capabilities from a range of ecosystem partners.


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