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Embedded Analytics: The Case for Build Vs. Buy

Embedded Analytics: The Case for Build Vs. Buy

Embedded Analytics: The Case for Build Vs. Buy

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Solution providers are increasingly under the gun to embed real-time insights and rapidly innovate their offerings. The rapid pace of SaaS innovation is increasing the pressure on all providers to incorporate actionable insights and analytics into their offerings. The challenge is not simply a matter of adding functionality; it involves implementing new infrastructure and capabilities. It means adopting the best practices of continuous delivery and embracing robust data science processes to make solutions smarter. Providers face a choice: build the infrastructure using in-house expertise to embed analytic intelligence, or focus on their core offering and invest with a partner.

During this session Tony Baer of Ovum Research, Craig Kelly of EmeraldCube Solutions and Jiri Tuma of GoodData discuss the options and why the “buy” choice often provides the most direct route to fast delivery, controlled costs, and product control -- less the distractions of hiring and building out data engineering and data science teams, and procuring and maintaining infrastructure.

This session will help you answer:

  • What is the importance of extending your solution with advanced analytics, and why the urgency?
  • What are the unique requirements for adding analytics to your solution?
  • What core competencies and expertise will be required?
  • What are the building blocks for adding analytics to your solution?
  • When adding analytics, should you build or buy?

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