Enterprise scalability coupled with the best business intelligence architecture

Advanced distribution and product lifecycle management automates the one-to-many deployments that made GoodData famous.

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True Cloud Scale

More than 40,000 organizations have access to GoodData already. We scale in every direction-number of businesses, size of user community, and amount of data. Connect to any source: external, on prem, structured and unstructured - big or little.

We are always up to date, and every customer can spin up new analytic workspaces quickly and enjoy the latest innovations and updates in our frequent, seamless releases.

High Performance

Our managed solution is designed to reduce the complexity of the analytic process. Computations are fast, dashboards are responsive, and performance lag is invisible to the user.

GoodData’s DevOps operation manages scale, tuning and back-end operations. The integrated operational approach reduces risk, lowers cost and accelerates results.

Enterprise Secure

GoodData’s business model is designed with vigilance and security in mind — at the technology, data and operational level.

Our 24/7/365 security architecture includes two-factor authentication, integrated SSO, tenant data isolation, encryption in transit and optionally at rest, backup and proactive penetration testing and monitoring. Our pure cloud architecture and operations means all customers have the latest critical patches all the time.

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Automated Multi-tenant Provisioning

GoodData customer deployments are centrally managed as a collection of workspaces, where each workspace includes users, groups, analytic data, semantic schema, metrics and KPIs, queries and filters, and all visualizations including reports, dashboards, alerts, and annotations.

GoodData administrators can manage a single, or many workspaces at once; provisioning new, or updating many workspaces with the click of a button. Data loading and updating is also automated, scheduled, and monitored to ensure that all workspaces are up to date. Our BI-on-BI application, GoodSuccess provides usage monitoring and is loaded with the activity data related to those customers' workspaces.

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Recommendations that Guide Analysis

The heart of the GoodData platform is the advanced analytics that take place in every workspace, driven by the Insights Engine. The extensible analytical engine’s instructions are written in a human-readable multidimensional analytic query language. MAQL includes over 70 (and counting) predictive, statistical, mathematical and text manipulation functions. The analytical engine optimizes queries, updates shared caches and indexes, and calculates results in real-time. The engine exposes the best practice recommendations within the data discovery canvas for actionable insights.

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Open API and Proxy Framework

GoodData goes well beyond the capabilities of most Software as a Service companies that offer APIs solely for data access. GoodData exposes extensive RESTful APIs that cover the entire range of platform functions. This allows partners and customers to build seamless, bi-directional analytic solutions with their own internal operational systems or data products at every level.

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Access Any Data

GoodData provides a flexible data pipeline that can prepare data for analysis - from creating the schema to publishing the data model to the analytic workspace. GoodData supports direct query access via JDBC with the optional ETL/ELT engine called CloudConnect. Administrators can perform a variety of data integration operations with connection points to over 60 on-prem and cloud data sources. In order to make it an easy process, we support third party data access, too.

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Market leaders trust GoodData

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“GoodData was able to handle literally every problem we threw its way. There’s nothing else like it in the market.”

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Retail Analytics Interactive Demo

Consumers today have multiple touch points (online, mobile, and in-store) to inform their purchases. Retailers need to identify opportunities in the physical and online target markets for growth in the new retail landscape.


Travel and Hospitality Interactive Demo

The travel and hospitality industry has become one of the most disruptive industries and many providers are racing to enhance the consumer experience.


GoodData Analytics Distribution Platform

GoodData’s Analytics Distribution Platform is a highly scalable and secure, cloud BI solution that unlocks the value of enterprise data assets by delivering targeted analytics to customers and business partners.

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