Data monetization strategies for success

We’ve been partnering with market-leading companies since 2007. Over the course of thousands of implementations we have learned that a lack of go-to-market strategy is one of the top reasons why enterprise BI offerings fail.

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Start with an experienced partner

Building a quality data product is no easy feat, but successfully taking it to market is where the majority of companies stumble. With hundreds of successful launches and thousands of customer accounts under our belt, our experts are available to help you prepare for success.

  • Our business model offers capacity-based licensing that grows only as you do. We only charge for administrators (not users), and our OEM analytics referral program pays you for customer referrals.
  • Our professional services have helped hundreds of customers create value quickly - defining initial MVP for launch, and then creating a path to ongoing customer delight.
  • Our marketing programs are designed to carry you forward. We amplify your impact with press activity, speaking opportunities, branded web pages, and demos to highlight your offering.
  • Our Go-to-Market workshops cover foundations from functional definitions for engineering all the way to help customers design their analytics solution and bring them to market. We align product vision with business outcomes with strategies to ensure consumer-like adoption rates, and operational processes to ensure monetizing data remain a top business value for your company.
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Become a Market Expert
  • Develop cross-customer benchmarks
  • Become macro-level advisors in your market
  • Build a marketplace among customers

“Advanced analytics are the #1 reason why customers upgrade.”

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“We are empowering our customers with GoodData’s tactical, operational, and strategic insight to change how the industry as a whole makes decisions.”

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Strategy workshops by internal business architects
  • Outline product personas to develop value-driven functional requirements
  • Design tiered product pricing model to trigger upgrades and create new revenue streams
  • Define internal support needed to execute on go-to-market plan
  • Align product vision with key business outcomes
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GoodData Team that fosters customer success through every stage
  • Strategy/planning - business architects and solution engineers
  • Build - account management, professional services
  • Launch - account management, co-marketing, training
  • Ongoing enhancement - account management, customer success, support, managed services

“It’s our secret weapon when we go into sales pitches. I can honestly say, partnering with GoodData is one of the best choices I’ve made as a BI leader.”

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Consumers today have multiple touch points (online, mobile, and in-store) to inform their purchases. Retailers need to identify opportunities in the physical and online target markets for growth in the new retail landscape.

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The travel and hospitality industry has become one of the most disruptive industries and many providers are racing to enhance the consumer experience.

Analytical Designer, Guided Data Discovery

Our guided analytics experience is derived from the expertise and best practices of thousands of companies for more advanced insights faster than ever.

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