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The key to unlocking value from analytics is effectively engaging each user. GoodData delights users with dashboards, guided data discovery and on-the-go mobile KPI alerts.

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Delightful Dashboards

GoodData dashboards are simple to create and elegant to use. Navigate through any visualization to explore the source data, or instantly filter by any criteria. Dashboards remain interactive even when they are embedded within applications.

Mobile KPI Alerts

GoodData helps cross-functional teams produce data-driven results. Annotations and comments in the dashboard, automated exports with email scheduling and proactive mobile alert notifications drive faster business decisions.

Guided Analytic Discovery

GoodData transformed the data-discovery landscape by introducing in-product recommendations to guide users during analysis. As you explore, you can easily generate recommended visualizations and metrics with just a few clicks.

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Data-driven Guided Analytics

Organizations using GoodData are empowered, aligned, and resourceful. With the ability to access information from governed and personal sources every user can discover business insights without burdening IT.

Teams can explore trends with our drag and drop data-discovery canvas while best practice recommendations are offered in real-time, creating an enjoyable, engaging analytic experience. Insight discovery happens faster and more frequently throughout the user base, creating exponential value.

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Dashboard Delight

With our intuitive, responsive dashboards, answers are at your fingertips. KPIs are easy to create and publish, while filters and calendars are easy to navigate. Build visualization stories in minutes and share instantly with peers.

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Mobile Alerts & Collaboration

Create a data-driven culture by automatically publishing insights and alerts to the right team at the right time. Go beyond BI and static reports to explain the ‘why’ behind your data with GoodData. Set proactive alert notifications for your mobile device and never stray from the truth. You can export dashboards and reports in standard formats and schedule emails for delivery to anyone.

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Powerful Predictions Made Easy

Bring data to life with deep statistical calculations and formulas. Easily add forecasts, regressions and other statistical summaries of your data in seconds. We even provide templates to teach users advanced analytic techniques like lagged correlation, time series forecasting or how to run open source R models within the platform.

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Market leaders trust GoodData

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“The data was going to own us or we were going to own it. We decided to make it work for us.”

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Retail Analytics Interactive Demo

Consumers today have multiple touch points (online, mobile, and in-store) to inform their purchases. Retailers need to identify opportunities in the physical and online target markets for growth in the new retail landscape.


Travel and Hospitality Interactive Demo

The travel and hospitality industry has become one of the most disruptive industries and many providers are racing to enhance the consumer experience.


Guided Discovery Brief

GoodData proves that powerful doesn’t need to mean complicated – combining a robust insights engine with an intuitive interface that makes it easy for users to find answers to their most important questions

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