The API-first analytics platform

Create real-time dashboards. Build low-code/no-code analytics apps with open APIs. Deploy in any cloud, deliver at any scale.

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Connect your data sources

Connect and query your data source directly in real time and deliver the data immediately for analysis – without moving it.

Connect your data sources

Integrate with your infrastructure

Deploy GoodData as a managed or self-hosted service, integrate it with your existing components via APIs, SDKs, or standard interfaces, and seamlessly expand the stack with new ones as your needs change.

Integrate with your infrastructure

Create real-time dashboards

Enable end users to explore real-time data autonomously and build their own interactive charts and dashboards using a drag-and-drop UI.

About visualizations

Embed analytics into your apps

Integrate interactive charts and dashboards into your applications, web pages, and workflows.

  • iFrame for simple embedding
  • SDKs for native integration and building custom data apps

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Customize your analytics and dashboards

Customize the out-of-the-box experience to suit you and your end users' needs and make it look like you built it yourself.

  • Enhance dashboards with custom code, charts, or content with plugins
  • Style everything to match your brand — fonts, colors, logos
Customize your analytics and dashboards Customize your analytics and dashboards Customize your analytics and dashboards

Augment your analytics

  • Build custom ML/AI capabilities like natural language querying or chatbots to automate insight generation for end users.
  • Infuse consistent metrics into data tools, scripts, and notebooks to ensure consistent results across users and applications.

Boost data-driven collaboration

Feed insights to your collaboration tools like Slack or Teams to drive conversations and collaborative, informed decisions in your organization. Our APIs send data to any UI that your users use.

Scale with multitenancy

Share the same data model, metrics, and dashboard layouts among separate teams, partners, or customers via hierarchical inheritance, while keeping everyone's data private.

About multitenancy

Scale with multitenancy

Secure your data, users, and business

Protect your BI and analytics with the highest global standards and certifications: SOC 2, HIPAA, GDPR, CCPA, and ISO 27001.

About data security

Developer features

API-first icon

Platform functionality and metadata can be executed and managed via well-designed, open APIs.

Declarative definitions icon
Declarative definitions

All the definitions are declarative. Everything can be exported, imported, versioned, shared, and inherited.

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Build integrations and manage the platform with open-source SDKs — Python, React, and JavaScript.

CI/CD icon

Automate every stage of your analytics — creation, testing, and provisioning — to make high-impact changes frequently and with minimal effort.

Cloud-native architecture icon
Cloud-native architecture

The platform is built on a future-proof microservices architecture and packaged in lightweight containers.

Semantic layer icon
Semantic layer

Transform complex data into reusable abstractions and context-aware metrics — easily refactor without breaking the analytics.

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