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Why choose GoodData and the Free analytics plan?

You're a good fit for GoodData Free if you need:


Self-service data visualization

Enable your business managers, customers (i.e. client companies), and external partners to create insightful dashboards & reports - like bar, pie, and line charts, scatterplots, and more - on their own by simply dragging and dropping.

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Embedded analytics capabilities

Integrate data analytics tooling into your software product (SaaS), application, web portal, and more. Customize everything - from data pipeline to metrics and reports.

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A platform ready for your data

Upload your data stored in Amazon Redshift, Snowflake, and BigQuery warehouses or in CSVs. To maximize the value of this pricing plan, having a data engineer around might come in handy.


Starting small before scaling to 1000s of gigabytes of data and 1000s of users

In contrast to traditional data analytics solutions, GoodData enables you to scale in data volume, user groups and cost, quickly and efficiently. The ability to push new versions to 1000s of users without breaking charts and reports they created in self-service mode, and the absence of per-user pricing are just two examples of GoodData's superior scalability.

With our Free pricing plan, you can test-run GoodData's key features, before adding more data, superior customizations, and your company branding with the Growth pricing plan.

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Deployment options

The Free pricing plan is offered as a fully hosted platform. As an alternative deployment option, you can try the containerized GoodData analytics solution - and download Community Edition now for FREE!

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A number of dashboards




Insights with dozens of beautiful data visualization options




Data Integration

Cloud data warehouses (e.g. Redshift, Snowflake, BigQuery)




CSV format












Web based visual data modeling tool




Scaling and control

Data volume per workspace

100 MB

Pricing per GB + each workspace comes with 1GB for free

Pricing per GB


Self-service onboarding and training




Support via online forums




Technical support

First 6 months


24/7 with 1st response SLA

In-person onboarding and training


Hourly Rate

Hourly Rate

Custom professional consultations


Hourly Rate

Hourly Rate

Enterprise and security

Data Transformation

SQL, Python, Ruby, R, ML/AI




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Add more user groups, data volume, and superior


A workspace consists of everything a user group needs to distill data into insights: data, the users with access, data model, metrics, calculations, and dashboards.

The workspace is defined by data privacy requirements and a user group's needs. What that means is that users from one workspace can't access data, dashboards, and insights from another workspace—unless you give them the right to do so. They also can view only the metrics, dashboards, and insights relevant to them, and no others. How you define your workspaces depends only on the needs of your organization.

For example, if you are a retailer, then it might be useful for you to create a workspace for each business partner or brand whose products you sell.

Most importantly, the structure of workspaces benefits you in two ways:

  • It enables you to easily scale, distribute, and manage data, dashboards, and insights between different types of end users.
  • You're charged for a number of workspaces instead of a number of users. You can have as many as users you want without additional costs.

Workspaces represent a unique development structure, like no other, built and optimized by GoodData to facilitate efficient analytics scaling to organizations of any size.

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An embedded analytics software/platform integrates dashboards, insights, its parts, or even the whole analytics tooling into your business application or web portal. In other words, while the data is managed by an analytics software/platform, the dashboards, visualizations, and reports are placed directly within the business application's user interface.

What that means in practical terms is that you get dashboards and insights closer to your end users, who can explore those insights and dashboards more often as they do not need to learn how to use a foreign analytics platform. The end users only need to log into a business application that they already use.

Also, if your team is building a multi-tenant SaaS platform or application, you can employ a third-party embedded analytics software and use whitelabelling (i.e. branding) to save yourself time and resources. Instead of developing and maintaining a complex data analytics platform, you can focus on what you are best at: developing and selling your core products and services.

Typically, embedded analytics is essential to SaaS platforms, web portals, data products, and applications that cater to B2B customers, distributed internal teams, partners or customers, and tech consumer markets.

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Signing up for the GoodData Free plan is a quick, three-step process.

1) Right after submitting your sign-up request, you'll get an automated email letting you know that we have received it.

2) Typically by the next business day, our team will provide you with information via email on how to set up a password so that you can activate your Free account.

Please note: For this special offer, we currently can support organizations headquartered in the US, Canada (excl. Quebec), and the EU. If your organization is headquartered in a different country, we kindly ask for your patience until the Free pricing plan is available in your region.

3) In the next 30 days, you will receive our service agreement to be signed online.
If you don't sign the agreement within the 30-day period, we will delete your account and all related data.

No, the Free pricing plan doesn't incur any hidden commitment on your side. However, if you leave the data in your account unattended for more than a few months, we reserve the right to delete it. This applies only for customers of the Free pricing plan. In such an event, you would be informed beforehand.

You can always upgrade your plan to add more user groups, data volume or features. Since our plans are annual, it's not possible to downgrade before the original contract runs out.

Starting from two hours, depending on your skillset and the complexity of the dashboards you would like to create.

Yes, you can get your data in by uploading files formatted as a CSV.

With white-labeling, included in the Growth and Enterprise plans, you can make our analytics platform look like your own; by applying your own branding, logos, colors and more.the Free plan we can provide a one month white-labeling trial on request. Please just contact our sales team.

The GoodData platform is unique in the market for specializing in two vital capabilities of modern and future-proof analytics.

  1. Efficient analytics scaling to every person in your business

    Everything within the GoodData analytics platform is designed to enable organizations to scale analytics and data availability efficiently, in terms of cost, time, and data volume, to anyone related to their business — internal teams, external partners, or customers. GoodData's unique architecture gives you the flexibility to build and scale any of your data use cases — while maintaining the performance, cost-efficiency, and easy change management of such a central and integrated solution.

  2. Superior embedded analytics capabilities

    With GoodData you can choose from three ways of embedding: (1) direct embedding via iframe, (2) custom embedding with pre-built Javascript library, SDKs, and APIs, (3) branding without embedding. From embedding analytics dashboards into your business application, software product or, web portal to designing your own application that does not look like traditional analytics, yet runs on the powerful back-end of the GoodData platform.

All this comes with interactive and attractive dashboards and a self-service interface where end users can create their own dashboards by simply dragging and dropping.

On top of that, the GoodData platform sits on structures that are able to crunch any volume of reports and data loads our customers request us to (just don't be shy, just ask!). Lastly, when our customers' data is not yet ready for scaling and big data analytics, our experienced data engineers step it up with their data transformation magic.

It's a powerful tool for global organizations that want to drive a data-driven culture within their internal teams, or with their re-sellers, partners, and suppliers. Making data work throughout an organization as an internal, available service. And for SaaS, software companies that need a scalable, efficient analytics solution to be embedded into their own software product for their customers.

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