Workspace Contents

Workspace content includes all:

  • Facts
  • Attributes
  • Labels
  • Metrics
  • Visualizations
  • Dashboards

Within a multitenant workspace hierarchy, the analytical model of a parent workspace is shared with child workspaces.

Entity methods

Entity graph methods

Table methods


Connect to a workspace and create lists of all datesets, metrics, attributes and facts the workspace contains:

from gooddata_sdk import GoodDataSdk

# GoodData base URL, e.g. ""
host = ""
# GoodData user token
token = "some_user_token"
sdk = GoodDataSdk.create(host, token)

workspace_id = "123"

# Read catalog for demo workspace
catalog = sdk.catalog_workspace_content.get_full_catalog(workspace_id)

# Print all dataset in the workspace
for dataset in catalog.datasets:

# Print all metrics in the workspace
for metric in catalog.metrics:

# Read list of attributes for demo workspace
attributes = sdk.catalog_workspace_content.get_attributes_catalog(workspace_id)

# Read list of facts for demo workspace
facts = sdk.catalog_workspace_content.get_facts_catalog(workspace_id)