Utility class to offload code from the function that extracts all data and headers for a

particular paged result. The method drives the paging and calls out to this class to accumulate the essential data and headers from the page.




accumulate_data ( from_result: ExecutionResult )Accumulate data from the ExecutionResult.
accumulate_grand_totals ( from_result: ExecutionResult, paging_dim: int, response: BareExecutionResponse )Accumulate grand totals from the results.
accumulate_headers ( from_result: ExecutionResult, from_dim: int )Accumulate headers for a particular dimension of a result into the provided `data_headers` array at the index
extend_existing_row_data ( from_result: ExecutionResult )Extend the existing row data with the data from the ExecutionResult.
result ( )Returns the data with headers.