export_tabular_by_visualization_id( workspace_id: str, visualization_id: str, file_format: str, file_name: Optional[str], settings: Optional[ExportSettings], store_path: Union[str, Path], timeout: float, retry: float, max_retry: float ) -> None

Exports the tabular data of a particular visualization id.


workspace_idstrThe workspace id from which the visualization is to be exported.
visualization_idstrThe id of the visualization to be exported.
file_formatstrThe format of the file to be exported.
file_nameOptional[str]The name which the exported file should have. Defaults to None.
settingsOptional[ExportSettings]Any additional settings for the export. Defaults to None.
store_pathUnion[str, Path]The path to store the exported file. Default to Path.cwd().
timeoutfloatThe maximum time to wait for the export to finish. Defaults to 60.0.
retryfloatInitial wait time (in seconds) before retrying to get the exported content. Defaults to 0.2.
max_retryfloatThe maximum retry wait time (in seconds). Defaults to 5.0.