export_pdf( workspace_id: str, dashboard_id: str, file_name: str, store_path: Union[str, Path], timeout: float, retry: float, max_retry: float ) -> None

Export a PDF of the specified GoodData Dashboard and save it to the specified file path.


workspace_idstrThe ID of the GoodData Workspace.
dashboard_idstrThe ID of the GoodData Dashboard.
file_namestrThe name of the PDF file (excluding the file extension).
store_pathUnion[str, Path]The path to save the exported PDF. Defaults to the current directory.
timeoutfloatThe maximum amount of time (in seconds) to wait for the server to process the export. Defaults to 60.0.
retryfloatInitial wait time (in seconds) before retrying to get the exported content. Defaults to 0.2.
max_retryfloatThe maximum retry wait time (in seconds). Defaults to 5.0.


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