create_csp_directive ( csp_directive: CatalogCspDirective )Create a new csp directive.
create_or_update_jwk ( jwk: CatalogJwk )Create a new jwk or overwrite an existing jwk with the same id.
create_organization_setting ( organization_setting: CatalogOrganizationSettings )Create a new organization setting.
delete_csp_directive ( csp_directive_id: str )Delete a csp directive.
delete_jwk ( jwk_id: str )Delete a jwk.
delete_organization_setting ( organization_setting_id: str )Delete an organization setting.
get_csp_directive ( directive_id: str )Get an individual csp directive.
get_jwk ( jwk_id: str )Get an individual jwk.
get_organization ( )None
get_organization_setting ( organization_setting_id: str )Get an individual organization setting.
layout_organization_folder ( )None
list_csp_directives ( )Returns a list of all csp directives in the current organization.
list_jwks ( )Returns a list of all jwks in the current organization.
list_organization_settings ( )Returns a list of all organization settings in the current organization.
update_allowed_origins ( allowed_origins: List[str] )Updates the allowed origins of the organization.
update_csp_directive ( csp_directive: CatalogCspDirective )Update a csp directive.
update_name ( name: str )Updates the name of the organization.
update_oidc_parameters ( oauth_issuer_location: Optional[str], oauth_client_id: Optional[str], oauth_client_secret: Optional[str] )Updates OIDC parameters of organization.
update_organization_setting ( organization_setting: CatalogOrganizationSettings )Update an organization setting.