scan_data_source( data_source_id: str, scan_request: CatalogScanModelRequest, report_warnings: bool ) -> CatalogScanResultPdm

Scan data source specified by its id and optionally by specified scan request.

CatalogScanResultPdm contains PDM and warnings. Warnings contain information about columns which were not added to the PDM because their data types are not supported. Additional parameter report_warnings can be passed to suppress or to report warnings. By default warnings are returned but not reported to STDOUT. If you set report_warnings to True, warnings are reported to STDOUT.


data_source_idstrData Source identification string. e.g. "demo"
scan_requestCatalogScanModelRequestOptions for the Scan Request. Defaults to CatalogScanModelRequest().
report_warningsboolSwitch to turn on warnings. Defaults to False.


CatalogScanResultPdmAn instance of CatalogScanResultPdm. Containing pdm itself and a list of warnings that occurred during scanning.