create_or_update_data_source ( data_source: CatalogDataSource )Pushes the Data Source to the GoodData environment.
data_source_folder ( data_source_id: str, layout_root_path: Path )TODO
delete_data_source ( data_source_id: str )Delete data source using Data Source id.
generate_logical_model ( data_source_id: str, generate_ldm_request: CatalogGenerateLdmRequest )Generate logical data model for a data source.
get_data_source ( data_source_id: str )Retrieve Data Source entity using data source id.
get_declarative_data_sources ( )Retrieve all data sources, including their related physical data model.
get_organization ( )None
layout_organization_folder ( )None
list_data_source_tables ( data_source_id: str )Lists all the data source tables for a given data source.
list_data_sources ( )Lists all data sources.
load_and_put_declarative_data_sources ( layout_root_path: Optional[Path], credentials_path: Optional[Path], test_data_sources: bool )Loads and sets layouts stored using store_declarative_data_sources.
load_declarative_data_sources ( layout_root_path: Optional[Path] )Load declarative data sources layout, which was stored using store_declarative_data_sources.
load_pdm_from_disk ( path: Path )This method is used to load pdm stored to disk using method store_pdm_to_disk.
patch_data_source_attributes ( data_source_id: str, attributes: dict )Applies changes to the specified data source.
put_declarative_data_sources ( declarative_data_sources: CatalogDeclarativeDataSources, credentials_path: Optional[Path], test_data_sources: bool )Set all data sources, including their related physical data model.
register_upload_notification ( data_source_id: str )Invalidate cache of your computed reports to force your analytics to be recomputed.
report_warnings ( )None
scan_data_source ( data_source_id: str, scan_request: CatalogScanModelRequest, report_warnings: bool )Scan data source specified by its id and optionally by specified scan request.
scan_pdm_and_generate_logical_model ( data_source_id: str, generate_ldm_request: CatalogGenerateLdmRequest, scan_request: CatalogScanModelRequest, report_warnings: bool )Scan data source and use returned PDM to generate logical data model. If generate_ldm_request
scan_schemata ( data_source_id: str )Returns a list of schemas that exist in the database.
scan_sql ( data_source_id: str, sql_request: ScanSqlRequest )Analyze SELECT SQL query in a given request.
store_declarative_data_sources ( layout_root_path: Path )Store data sources layouts in a directory hierarchy.
store_pdm_to_disk ( pdm: CatalogDeclarativeTables, path: Path )Store the physical data model layout in the directory.
test_data_sources_connection ( declarative_data_sources: CatalogDeclarativeDataSources, credentials_path: Optional[Path] )Tests connection to declarative data sources.