GoodData Cloud and GoodData.CN do not yet implement all capabilities that are specified on the Analytical Backend Service Provider Interface (SPI). If you try to use any capability that is not yet available in GoodData Cloud and GoodData.CN, its implementation of the Analytical Backend will raise a NotSupported exception.

GoodData Cloud and GoodData.CN also use a different scheme for identifying entities. This impacts how you have to reference GoodData Cloud or GoodData.CN entities on input to different components or services:

  • Logical data model (LDM) entities such as datasets, attributes, labels, and facts are always identified using id and type.
  • Complex MAQL measures are always identified using id and type.

If you use a component or a service of the Analytical Backend that requires an instance of ObjRef on input, you have to use the idRef factory function to create one and specify both id and type.

Unsupported capabilities

The following capabilities are not supported on neither GoodData Cloud nor GoodData.CN:

  • Combining a measure value filter and a ranking filter in a single execution
  • Rollups (native totals)
  • Subtotals
  • Export of execution results
  • Attribute valid element queries with attribute filters or measure filters
  • Dashboard alerts
  • Dashboard exports to PDF and scheduling of dashboard exports

In addition to the items mentioned above, GoodData Cloud currently does not support Dashboard Plugins.


  • The GoodData Cloud and GoodData.CN implementation of the Analytical Backend only supports object referencing by id and type. Use the idRef factory function to create a correct sub-type of ObjRef.
  • The GoodData Cloud and GoodData.CN implementation of the Analytical Backend only supports attribute filtering by text values. The newPositiveAttributeFilter and newNegativeAttributeFilter factory functions will treat inputs as text values by default.
  • Drillable items used to configure drill eventing for the visual components must use identifier to identify a drillable entity. Using uri to identify drillable items is not supported. Using uri for drillable items may lead to undefined behavior.
  • The uriMatch drill predicate that can be used to configure drill eventing for visual components is not supported. You can use the identifierMatch or localIdentifierMatch predicates to match measures or attributes. You can use the attributeItemNameMatch predicate to match an attribute element name.
  • The drill events contain uri in different parts of an event. Ignore the values in uri. We will modify the contents of the uri fields in the upcoming releases of GoodData.UI.

Known issues

Some properties can be null

Some properties related to attribute element values marked as string can be null if your data contains NULL values. We will remedy that in the next major version of GoodData.UI. In the meantime, make sure your application code can handle those fields being null if you expect data in your workspaces to contain NULL values. To see which fields were affected, check the commit marking them as such.