When filtering, you want to remove specific values from the original data in a Visualization, so it shows only the relevant subset. Filtering allows you to narrow the scope of a visualization without changing the visualization itself.

You can create filters based on attribute values, metric values, or dates.

For example, if you have a visualization showing the Top customer per region:


You may want to display the data:

  1. only for a specific period (dateFilter):

    • last month
    • previous year
    • last two weeks


  2. only for a specific customer (attributeFilter):

    • Kitti Jinki
    • Aaron Clements
    • some combination of customers


  3. only the top/least sold products (rankingFilter):

    • top 10 customers by # of orders
    • bottom 10 customers but their ARR
    • top 3 customers by their ARR


  4. only products within the custom range (measureValueFilter):

    • customers with ARR over 1000k $
    • customers with ARR less than 100k $
    • customers with ARR between 100k $ and 1000k $