Insight custom element

You can embed a single insight into your application using the gd-insight custom element with the following:

<!-- minimal setup -->
<gd-insight insight="my-insight-id"></gd-insight>

The gd-insight element is using the flex layout that adjusts to the size of its container.

If the container does not have the display property set to flex, the widget will have zero height.

You can also define the element height explicitly with CSS, for example, using the inline style attribute: style="height:500px".

Supported attributes

<!-- all supported attributes -->
    title="Custom insight title"
  • insight - mandatory, the ID of the insight to embed.
  • workspace - optional, the ID of the workspace for this dashboard. By default, it is taken from the context (e.g., from the script URL).
  • locale - optional, defaults to en-US. The localization of the visualization. For all available languages, see the full list of available localizations.
  • title - optional. If provided as a boolean shortcut attribute, it will render the insight title. If provided as a string, it will override the default value and render the visualization with that string.
<!-- with no `title` attribute, the title will not be rendered -->
<gd-insight insight="my-insight"></gd-insight>

<!-- with boolean `title` attribute, the title will be loaded from server and rendered above the visualization -->
<gd-insight insight="my-insight" title></gd-insight>

<!-- with string `title` attribute, the title will be overridden and rendered above the visualization -->
<gd-insight insight="my-insight" title="My custom attribute title"></gd-insight>

You can also provide a workspace id on the context level instead of passing it as an attribute to every dashboard. See the code example of the Web Components authentication article.

The locale property affects only the UI elements and not your data or the metadata language.

Supported events

gd-insight emits the following events:

  • error - an error occurred while evaluating the data for the insight.
  • exportReady - a user requested the export and it is ready.
  • loadingChanged - loading state of the insight has changed.
  • insightLoaded - insight data is fully loaded.

Events do not bubble and are not cancelable. For more info on the event payload, see the callback description of the InsightView component.

You can subscribe to the events the same way as to any other DOM event:

<gd-insight insight="my-insight" id="some-dom-id"></gd-insight>
    const insightEl = document.getElementById("some-dom-id");
    insightEl.addEventListener("insightLoaded", (event) => {
        // See what's in the event payload