The onExportReady parameter returns the getExportedData function that allows you to export data from an existing insight into CSV or XLSX. The getExportedData function accepts one parameter (the exportConfig object), and returns the URI of the exported file.

The onExportReady parameter is available in all visual components except for the KPI, the AFM components, and the AttributeFilter component.


The exportConfig object includes the following properties:

  • format (optional, string) specifies the format of the exported data. Can be set to csv (default) or xlsx.
  • includeFilterContext (only when format is set to xlsx; optional, boolean) specifies whether the applied filters should be added (true) or should not be added (false; default) to the exported XLSX file.
  • mergeHeaders (only when format is set to xlsx; optional, boolean) specifies whether repeating header cells should be merged (true; default) or should not be merged (false).
  • title (optional, string) is the title of the exported data.


import { InsightView } from "@gooddata/sdk-ui-ext";

    onExportReady={(getExportedData) => { /* hold onto function and call to do export as needed */ }}


import { InsightView } from "@gooddata/sdk-ui-ext";

export class Example extends React.Component {
    constructor(props) {
        this.doExport = this.doExport.bind(this);
        this.onExportReady = this.onExportReady.bind(this);

    onExportReady(getExportedData) {
        this.getExportedData = getExportedData;

    async doExport() {
        try {
            const result = await this.getExportedData({
                format: "xlsx",
                includeFilterContext: true,
                mergeHeaders: true,
                title: "CustomTitle"
            console.log("Export successfully: ", result.uri);
        } catch (error) {
            console.log("Export error: ", error);

    render() {
        return (
            <div style={{ height: 367 }}>
                <button className="button button-secondary" onClick={this.doExport}>Export</button>