The onDrill parameter allows you to catch drilling events from visualizations on non-embedded KPI dashboards and to respond to them using the function that you have chosen to use and implemented.

When a user clicks a drillable item in a visualization on a non-embedded KPI dashboard, a default drill event is generated. This event has a format of { drillContext, executionContext } and is sent to the function that you have chosen.

  • If you want the default drilling event not to be generated, the function must return false. In this case, only what you have implemented in the function body is performed.
  • When the function returns anything else but false, whatever you have implemented in the function body is performed, and then the default drilling event is also generated.


import { InsightView } from "@gooddata/sdk-ui-ext";
import { HeaderPredicates } from "@gooddata/sdk-ui";

   onDrill={(event) => { console.log(event.dataView); }}