Compatible Technologies:

  • React >=16.8.0
  • Angular 9+
  • TypeScript >= 5.0.2
  • Node ^16.20.0 LTS

Officially supported browsers

GoodData is tested against and supports the following desktop browsers:

  • Microsoft Windows 10 and newer
  • Google Chrome (latest stable version)
  • Firefox (latest stable version)
  • Microsoft Edge (latest stable version; Chromium-based only)

MacOS 10.12 and newer

  • Google Chrome (latest stable version)
  • Safari (latest stable version)

For best results, use the latest version of Google Chrome.

Mobile Web Browser

You can view dashboards through the following mobile browser:

Android 5 and newer

  • Google Chrome (latest stable version)

iOS 10 and newer

  • Google Chrome (latest stable version)
  • Safari (latest stable version)

Dashboard viewing only. Other functions of GoodData are not currently supported. Some functions may work now but have not been thoroughly tested yet.

Compatibility with GoodData Cloud and GoodData.CN

The GoodData.UI is versioned and usually released in tandem with GoodData Cloud.

We strongly recommend you always work with the newest GoodData.UI and newest GoodData.CN.

Status of GoodData.UI versions

The following table provides the lifecycle phases of GoodData.UI versions:

Major VersionStatusGAEODEOSLast Minor Version
9Generally availableJuly 27, 2023Not yet definedNot yet defined9.1
8Generally availableOctober 8, 2020July 27, 2023Not yet defined8.12
7End-of-SupportMay 21, 2019October 8, 2020March 31, 20227.9

Migration from v8 to v9

Since there are not many changes at the API level between v8 and v9, we believe that read what is new in version 9 should be sufficient to process the migration.