Multitenancy means that GoodData can manage an environment with many tenants while each particular tenant can access only the entities and data that they are entitled to access. An unprivileged tenant has no access to those entities or data.

  • Each object or data entity is unambiguously tied to a specific Organization. Within the Organization, it can be further assigned to one or more tenants.

  • Each tenant is represented by a unique combination of the Organization and the workspace.

    • The entities tied to the Organization/workspace (such as objects from the logical data model, analytical model, and so on) are available only for the corresponding tenant until explicitly exposed via the workspace hierarchy.
    • The data tied to the Organization via a relevant data source is available to all tenants until a workspace hierarchy is built and data filters are set up to limit the data available in child workspaces.
    • The entities tied only to the Organization (such as users or user groups) are related to the whole Organization and therefore are available for all the tenants.