The impersonation feature enables quicker issue support and resolution. GoodData Support uses impersonation in cases when it is a more effective way to investigate the support issue.

What Does It Do?

This feature is available only for internal authorized GoodData Support personnel. It allows GoodData to examine GoodData Cloud environment with the same rights and restrictions as the user in order to resolve any support issues.

Impersonation Details and Security

The impersonation session can be started only when there is an active support request by the customer. It is time-limited and lasts no longer than 8 hours.

All activities done during the session are linked to the support ticket, logged and available for security review.

GoodData regularly conducts audit reviews to ensure that authorized personnel use this functionality to access customer data only with valid reason and permission.

How Does Impersonation Affect You?

Impersonation has no effect on the user. It simply allows GoodData professionals to investigate issues quickly and efficiently and report back on their findings immediately.