Data Streaming

Some data is extremely time-sensitive, with values fluctuating within seconds or minutes. For domains like stock trading, weather monitoring, or real-time event tracking, static charts that update on daily or hourly intervals can be vastly insufficient. Users in such domains require a way to visualize data as it changes in real-time to make informed decisions quickly and efficiently.

We are aiming to introduce data streaming to our platform, a functionality that brings live data directly into our visualizations. With this enhancement, users can watch line charts animate in real time, showcasing the most up-to-date information as it’s received. This feature shines particularly in scenarios such as tracking stock values, where prices can vary significantly in mere moments. By offering live, animated visualizations, we equip users to remain ahead of the curve, respond to emerging trends on the spot, and ensure no critical data point goes unnoticed.

This feature is currently supported only for line charts.

Chart with live data being streamed into it