Range Slider

When dealing with time-series charts spanning long durations, it can be challenging for users to analyze specific intervals or periods without being overwhelmed. Accessing granular details for specific time frames, especially in extensive datasets spanning years or decades, can become cumbersome. Users need an efficient way to focus on particular sections of the data without having to load entirely new charts or sift through massive amounts of information.

The introduction of a range slider (also known as “data zoom”) addresses this challenge. These sliders, typically positioned at the bottom of a time-series chart, allow users to seamlessly zoom into specific periods or slide through the timeline. By simply adjusting the range on the navigator, the main chart dynamically updates its view, honing in on the selected time frame. This interactive tool empowers users to access detailed insights from specific intervals without the clutter of the full dataset, providing a more efficient and user-friendly data analysis experience.

This feature is currently supported only for line charts.

Chart with a navigator

You can freely resize the the zoom-in period, slide it around the navigator and zoom in or out using the automatically generated time-series bookmarks in the bottom left corner:

Chart with a navigator