View Entitlements

Depending on the type of license or hosted organization you are using, your GoodData environment may come with certain entitlements:

  • Contract (non-public) defines how long you can use the organization for before you have to renew the contract. Note that you can host multiple organisations in the same deployment. While your deployment expires when your license expires, individual organizations expire according to their contract expiration dates. Contracts are only used for GoodData Cloud.
  • Tier (public) defines the level of service you have access to. Currently the tier entitlement is used to differentiate between the trial and enterprise tiers of GoodData.
  • CustomTheming (public) defines whether you can modify the visual style of your GoodData deployment.
  • ManagedOIDC (non-public) defines which OIDC Identity Provider is to be used in your deployment. This entitlement ensures that the OIDC Identity Provider is managed exclusively by GoodData; This is typically done for GoodData Cloud deployments. If your organization does not contain this entitlement, you are free to use any supported OIDC Identity provider.
  • WorkspaceCount or UnlimitedWorkspaces (non-public) defines the maximum number of workspaces an organization can have.
  • UserCount or UnlimitedUsers (non-public) defines the maximum number of users an organization can have.

There are two API endpoints that let you view your entitlements:

  • /api/v1/entities/entitlements may return the following organizational entitlements:

    • Contract
    • Tier
    • ManagedOIDC
    • WorkspaceCount or UnlimitedWorkspaces
    • UserCount or UnlimitedUsers
  • /api/v1/actions/resolveEntitlements aggregates organizational entitlements, as well as entitlements taken from the license and any other stand-alone entitlements:

    • Contract taken from organization
    • Tier taken from organization
    • ManagedOIDC taken from organization
    • WorkspaceCount or UnlimitedWorkspaces taken from organization or license
    • UserCount or UnlimitedUsers taken from organization or license
    • CustomTheming a stand-alone entitlement

View Usage

To be able to easily monitor how many workspaces and users you currently have in your organization, use the /api/v1/actions/collectUsage API endpoint. This API returns the following items:

  • WorkspaceCount shows how many workspaces currently exist in your organization
  • UserCount show how many users currently exist in your organization

Note that the Organization.MANAGE permission is required to make this API call.