Change Domain Name

As a Professional or Enterprise tier user, you are able to request a domain name change for your deployment from GoodData Support. Choose one of the two following scenarios which best describes your situation, and follow the instructions:

I have a * domain and want to change it to another * domain

Submit a new request to GoodData support and inform us what new hostname you want to switch to.

I have a * domain and want to change it to a non-GoodData domain, for example

Once you have decided on your desired custom domain, for example,, follow these steps:

  1. Set up a CNAME record on your side that points to <your-company-name> This can be done in advance without any adverse effects.

  2. Provide an SSL certificate:

    We offer two options for SSL certificates. The preferred choice is using our Let’s Encrypt certificates, which are automatically self-renewing and provided by our infrastructure. If you agree to this option, our support team will handle everything for you.

    Alternatively, you can provide your own SSL certificate. If you choose this option, provide it to us in a PEM format encrypted by the support public key.

  3. Submit a new request to GoodData support with information about the new domain name, and if applicable, appending the SSL certificate to the request.