Familiarize yourself with the platform’s architecture, features and limitations.

GoodData Cloud is an analytics platform focused on the semantic layer, reusability of metrics, business user self-service, and a multi-tenant environment.

Our approach relies on a semantic layer consisting of a logical data model and metrics written in our analytical query language.

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What are GoodData Cloud strengths?

A semantic layer

A semantic layer consisting of a logical data model and metrics allows you to create unified and curated experiences for your users. The semantic layer creates the ultimate source of truth for your users.

  • The Logical Data Model creates a semantic layer on top of your data. You use it to build reusable metrics and shield yourself from many changes you do in your database. Also, you can share the same model between multiple tenants to create a shared curated analytical experience.

  • The Multidimensional Analytical Query Language (MAQL) allows you to build reusable metrics consumed in different contexts (sliced and diced, filters, visualizations). GoodData computation engine translates MAQL queries into optimized SQL. It improves your speed when preparing an analytical solution as you can reuse what you have already built. It also enables your business user to consume the metrics in their context.

Integration with your Application

GoodData Cloud allows you to consume analytics (from metrics to dashboards) in your application. You can use GoodData.UI to integrate analytics into JavaScript applications, or you can use our APIs directly.

Interface for your Business Users

GoodData Cloud contains a tool for building visualizations and for self-service data discovery - Analytical Designer as well as standard dashboards. You can use both applications as standalone ones, or you can embed them into your application.

How can I use GoodData Cloud?

GoodData Cloud is going to help you in case you want to solve any of the following problems:

  • Provide self-service for Business users

    With GoodData Cloud semantic layer and front-end applications you can create a safe environment for your business users. They can consume dashboards, or they can explore the data by themselves. All the time, they stay in the curated environment of the semantic layer.

  • Build a multi-tenant environment

    You can split your customers into separate workspaces. Each workspace has its semantic layer, yet workspaces can share the curated semantic layer. You can limit which data is shown in a workspace by setting up data filters.

  • Use development processes in your analytic team

    You can use declarative APIs to control all metadata in the platform, which means you can use the VCS of your choice to keep versions of your analytical solution. You can easily share solutions with your colleagues, or you can easily synchronize development, test, and production environments.


GoodData Cloud is a set of microservices deployed in Kubernetes that translates user queries into SQL. Users can submit queries in MAQL, via AFM API, or through UI applications. GoodData Cloud uses metadata and a caching mechanism to optimize query duration and volume of data transferred between data storage and the analytical engine.

GoodData Architecture

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