GoodData Labs

This section contains documentation for features that are currently in a private beta testing stage. Access to these features is limited to a selected group of users for evaluation purposes. Please be advised that features listed here are under active development and are subject to change, including potential removal.

We are currently testing the following features:

If you would like to try out these features yourself, please sign up for the waitlist.

Start Using the Demo Environment

Once you join GoodData Labs you will get access to a demo environment that contains the aforementioned beta features for you to test. Many of the beta features are powered by OpenAI, and at the moment require you to provide your own OpenAI API token.

Please go through the following steps to start exploring the new features:

  1. Open the URL we sent you and log into the demo environment.

  2. Go to Settings > Integration, enable the OpenAI integration and provide your OpenAI API token.

    Integration with OpenAI settings
  3. Go to Getting Started and select the Try demo option to set up a demo environment specifically designed to showcase the GoodData Labs features.

    Creating the demo project
  4. Dive into one of the workspaces to start exploring and testing all the features!


The demo environment is continuously evolving. At the moment the following features may not be accessible in your demo environment: