Getting Started

New to GoodData? Follow this tutorial to get up to speed.

What Will You Learn?

How to organize analytics, how to build dashboards with visualizations, and how to create consistent metrics. Everything with the possibility of distribution to multiple users using the built-in multitenant solution.

You will also learn how to apply software engineering best practices and work with analytics as with code. This means, for example, implementing version control, testing, and building CI/CD pipelines.

Getting Started

How To Proceed With Tutorials

We have designed GoodData to have a sleek and easy-to-use user interface. However, to get the most out of our analytics platform, it is better to manage it using code. To learn how, see the GoodData Python SDK or open API guides.

User Interface (UI)

If you are interested in a UI experience with GoodData, you can use a deployed GoodData and play around. With UI, you will easily model data, build visualizations and dashboards, and create metrics.

GoodData Python SDK

If you want to learn how to manage GoodData with simple Python code, you can install GoodData Python SDK and proceed with the whole tutorial within it. With GoodData Python SDK, you will easily manage workspaces, data sources, users, and build CI/CD pipelines.

If you want to proceed with Python, install GoodData Python SDK using the pip package installer.

PowerShell 7
pip install gooddata-sdk
pip install gooddata-sdk


If you do not want to use Python but still want to learn how to manage GoodData using code, you can proceed with a set of APIs. This will also let you manage workspaces, data sources, users, and build CI/CD pipelines.

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