Treemaps display data hierarchically as nested rectangles. They are commonly used to represent proportions, sizes, or values of categories within a hierarchy. For example, a treemap chart can show the market share of different product categories within various regions, with each rectangle representing a category and its size indicating the relative proportion.


Treemaps have the following sections:

  • Metrics
  • View by
  • Segment by
  • Configuration

In treemaps, you can also:

  • Display the values as a percentage.

    To do so, add a date or an attribute to the View by section.

  • Segment a treemap by attributes. The treemap shows the attributes as different shades of a color.

    To add attributes to the Segment by section, you must have only one item in the Metrics section.

For information about common characteristics and settings of all visualizations, see the Visualization Types section.


Metrics20 metrics (to add more than one metric, View by bucket must be empty)
View by1 attribute (this bucket is available only if there is exactly one metric)
Segment by1 attribute