Pie Chart

Pie charts show data as proportional segments of a disc. They can be segmented by either multiple metrics or an attribute, and allow viewers to visualize the composition or distribution of a whole. Pie charts are commonly used to display market shares, budget allocations, or demographic distributions. For example, a pie chart can illustrate the percentage of sales contributed by different product categories.

Pie chart

Pie charts have the following sections:

  • Metrics
  • View by
  • Configuration

In pie charts, you can also display the values as a percentage. To do so, add a date or an attribute to the View by section.

For information about common characteristics and settings of all visualizations, see the Visualization Types section.


Metrics20 metrics (to add more than one metric, Stack by bucket must be empty)
View by1 attribute (this bucket is available only if there is exactly one metric)