Apply Filters to Visualizations

Filters allow users to refine data views and focus on relevant insights. This section covers several key filtering methods available in GoodData, each tailored to specific analytical needs:

  • Filter by Attributes or Dates: This method allows users to refine visualizations by selecting specific attributes or date ranges. It’s ideal for focusing on particular segments or time periods within your dataset.

  • Filter by Metric Values: Customize your data view by setting criteria based on metric values. This filter is useful for isolating specific numerical ranges or categories within your metrics.

  • Use Ranking Filter: Rank your data by top or bottom metric values. This is particularly helpful for identifying outliers or top performers in your dataset.

  • Use Time-over-Time Comparison: Compare data across different time frames to identify trends and patterns. This filter is essential for longitudinal data analysis.

  • Filter Metrics by Date: Focus on specific time periods within your metrics. This is useful for time-based analysis and comparing different time intervals.