Drill into Visualization

On dashboards, you can add drill interactions to your visualizations which link the original visualization to any other existing visualization. By clicking the data in the visualization, the target visualization then opens.

A visualization displaying multiple metrics, attributes, or both can have an independent drill interaction for each.

Create a Drill into Visualization

In this example, you will add a drill interaction to a metric. The same procedure can be used to add a drill interaction to an attribute.


  1. Edit your dashboard and click on the visualization that you want to set up a drill path for.

    The options menu opens.

  2. Select Interactions.

    select visualization to edit
  3. Click + Add interaction and select the metric you would like to drill in on.

    select a metric
  4. In the first dropdown menu, select Drill into visualization.

    In the second dropdown menu, select the target visualization you would like to drill in on.

    define the drill action
  5. Save & Publish your changes.

    Notice that if you hover over the visualization now, you are able to click on a metric to drill in on it.

    observe the metrics are clickable now

    For example if you click on the 2021-07 data point for the West region as shown on the previous image, you open the Product Categories visualization and in it you see the breakdown by category of sold items in the West region within the July period.

    when the metric is clicked

Filters in Visualization Drilling

The target visualization is filtered by the following filters:

  • Filters configured in the dashboard filter bar and active for the source visualization.

    filters configured in the dashboard filter bar
  • Filters configured in Analytical Designer for the target visualization.

  • Attribute value you click on in the source visualization. When you click on a value in Fine dining, the target visualization filters only to Fine dining.

    attribute value you click on in the source visualization