GoodData for VS Code

Manage your analytics through code directly in Visual Studio Code.

GoodData for VS Code

GoodData for VS Code consists of two components:

  • GoodData Visual Studio Code Extension
    • The extension does most of the work. Typically, it highlights the syntax and enables preview of metrics. In the near future, it will also render your visualizations.
  • GoodData Command-line Interface
    • The CLI initializes your local environment, deploys local environment to a workspace, and validates files for errors.
    • It also helps you with CI/CD.

Extension Features

The extension is still in the early stages of development. Some complex use cases, such as automated tests or integrated VCS, are still being developed.

As of now, the extension allows you to:

  1. Retrieve analytical objects from a GoodData server.
  2. Create or update analytical objects in Visual Studio Code.
  3. Preview analytical objects in Visual Studio Code.
  4. Deploy analytical objects to a workspace.