Get GoodData

You can start either with the Cloud or Cloud Native (CN) version. It depends on your preferences and what you want to achieve. Both versions have the same features.

GoodData Cloud (hosted)

Use GoodData Cloud in case you are looking for a SaaS solution.

  • All operation and maintenance tasks are handled by GoodData.
  • The platform is always up-to date.
  • GoodData offers tiers with guaranteed SLAs.
  • You do not have skilled Kubernetes (k8s) users on your team.

Go to to start.

Invite Your Colleagues

Once you have set up your trial account and logged in, you can invite other people to collaborate with you on your GoodData Cloud project.

Invite button

An invitation will be sent to the email address you have put in.

GoodData Cloud Native (self-hosted)

Use GoodData.CN if you want to run analytics on your own Kubernetes infrastructure. You can get GoodData.CN using the GoodData.CN Community Edition Docker image.

  • Scale according to your needs.
  • You are responsible for operations, maintenance and SLA.
  • GoodData provides updates regularly, but you control their deployment.

For more information about how to start with Cloud Native, see the Use GoodData Cloud Native article.