Execution limits

Limits which are applied when computing data results


There are limitations protecting against memory overflow, cache overflow in Redis and too long-running time. Limits are set by Helm Chart values.

Result Max Size

The max size of the result from Data Source (database) in bytes. If the limit is reached, an error is returned and the computation ends in failure.

The following endpoints are affected by the raw result max size limit:


Helm Chart: platform_limits.max_result_bytes

Default is set to: 100 MB

Max Single Dimension Size

We can understand dimension as number of rows or columns in table or number of colors in heatmap. Theoretically there can be more than two or three dimensions. This value limits size of one dimension. No dimension can exceed this limit in the computed result.

The following endpoint is affected by this limit:


Helm Chart:: platform_limits.max_dimension_size

Default is set to: 10,000

Max Result Cell Count

Cell count is number of all computed values. We can imagine it as volume. Table volume is rows * columns, heatmap volume is rows * columns * colors. Total cell count in result can’t exceed the limit.

The following endpoint is affected by this limit:


Helm Chart:: platform_limits.max_result_cell_count

Default is set to: 1,000,000 cells