Line Charts

Line charts show data as line-connected dots. Line charts can display changes in metrics across time or progress across a series of stages.

Line charts have the following sections:

  • Metrics
  • Trend by
  • Segment by
  • Configuration

If you configure the Trend by section and add a date or an attribute, you display a trend line. Trend lines connect individual metric/attribute values.

In line charts, you can also:

  • Display the values as a percentage.

    To do so, add a date or an attribute to the Trend by section.

  • Display individual values of an attribute.

    To do so, add an attribute to the Segment by section. You must have only one item in the Metrics section.

  • Display the chart as a continuous line even if some values are missing.

    To do so, check the Continuous line checkbox in the Configuration > Canvas section. If checked, the line skips the missing value and connects the next available value.

  • Compare your data to the previous period or the same period of the previous year.

    For details, see Time over Time Comparison.

  • Display a secondary y-axis on the right side.

    To do so, select the show on right axis checkbox in a metric’s settings.

For information about common characteristics and settings of all visualizations, see Visualization Types.

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