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GoodData is available either as software as a service, or as an application that you can deploy on your own server. You can choose from the following GoodData distributions:

Comparing Distributions

Refer to the following feature comparison matrix to help you evaluate which distribution is right for you:

FeaturesGoodData.CN Community EditionGoodData.CNGoodData Cloud
Analytical Designer✔️✔️✔️
API & SDKs✔️✔️✔️
Custom domain✔️✔️
Custom appearance✔️✔️
Change language✔️✔️
PDF exports✔️✔️
Continuous delivery✔️

Which data sources are supported also depends on the type of distribution:

Data sourcesGoodData.CN Community EditionGoodData.CNGoodData Cloud
Amazon Redshift✔️*✔️✔️
Apache drill✔️*✔️✔️
Google BigQuery✔️*✔️✔️
Microsoft SQL Server✔️
Azure SQL✔️
Synapse SQL✔️

* non-production use only

Which Distribution Is for Me?

I want to get started right away so I can evaluate the software.

We recommend you sign up for a free trial of GoodData Cloud. No setup is necessary, you can start analysing your data right away.

I want to take full advantage of the GoodData platform.

GoodData Cloud, with its continuous delivery, will always be the most up to date and feature rich distribution for you to use.

I want to take full advantage of the GoodData platform, but I don’t want to share my data.

That is exactly what GoodData.CN is for. Once set up, you can make use of the GoodData platform to its full extent, without your data ever leaving your server.

I want to evaluate the software locally, and then maybe put it to use in production.

GoodData.CN Community Edition all-in-one image provides an easy to setup way to evaluate the software on a server of your choice for free. You can even use it in production, but note that its features are limited.