System Requirements

You must meet the following minimum requirements to deploy GoodData.CN on Kubernetes. Please consult our section on Deployment Considerations for suggestions on how to configure your site.

Kubernetes Cluster

  • Version 1.21 or higher
  • 3 worker nodes, each configured with at least 2 vCPU and 5 GiB RAM; 4 CPUs and 8 GiB RAM per node is recommended.
  • Supported Ingress Controller installed and configured to match your infrastructure:
  • Dynamic Volume Provisioner:
  • Kubernetes Loadbalancer


  • Download and install the Helm 3 client binary to the workstation that you plan to use for GoodData.CN installation.

Domain Name System (DNS)

  • Update rights to your DNS
  • DNS configured with an A or CNAME record for the load balancer where the application will be exposed

PKI Infrastructure

  • Server certificate and private key issued and signed by a Certificate Authority that you trust

Local Docker Registry (on Air-gapped Deployments)

  • Application images need to be pushed to your private docker registry if your cluster does not have access to the Internet