Connect Data

Set up a connection between your data and GoodData.

Once you have created workspaces and set up their hierarchy, create data sources.

A data source is a logical object in GoodData that represents the database where your source data is stored. To integrate your database into GoodData, you connect it to a workspace. As a result, a data source is registered as an entity in GoodData.

To learn what databases you can integrate with GoodData, see Supported Databases.

When you create a data source for your database, GoodData scans the database, transforms its metadata to a declarative definition of the physical data model (PDM), and stores the PDM under the data source entity. You then generate a logical data model (LDM) from the stored PDM.

The LDM must be mapped to the PDM. In your visualizations, you can use only the LDM entities (attributes, facts, and so on) that are mapped to the corresponding table columns in the PDM. If you use an unmapped entity in a visualization, an error occurs.

To learn how to work with the data sources, read the following sections: