Embed Analytical Designer

Learn how to embed the Analytical Designer into your own web application.

Embed Analytical Designer Using Iframe


  1. Log in to your GoodData.CN.

  2. Click the Analyze tab.

  3. Check the URL in the browser address bar. For example:

  4. Add the string /embedded/ into the URL after /analyze:

  5. Embed the link into your application using an Iframe:

    <iframe src="https://<your-domain>.com/analyze/embedded/#/<workspace-id>/reportId/edit" frameborder="0"></iframe>

Customize the URL To Open a Specific Insight

If you want the embedded Analytical Designer to open a specific insight, replace the reportId section in the embed URL with the ID of the insight that you want to open.

The URL for embedding would then look like:



The minimum dimension of 1100x575 pixels is required for Analytical Designer to be embedded correctly.